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PE Foam

Knapsack leather goods,toy jigsaw and other livelihood usage series

Finished product

The eFoam of Mega Master Technology is lightweight environmental-friendly material for the most competitive knapsack leather goods, toy jigsaw, and other livelihood usage.

It has got Class 2 Environmental Protection Label. The physical bridging process is used. It has passed SGS nontoxic certificate and RoHS standard. It can be supplied as rolls of material. It is lightweight without causing allergy.

Our PE foam has following characteristics: Low water absorption rate, soft buffer, suitable for extensive temperature, double fine surface, lightweight, can be laminated for thicker layer or skived for thinner layer, sticking with cloth or hot gluing, many kinds of color, suitable for hot forming.

Our PE foam can be used in: Liner of knapsack leather goods, suitcase liner, female underwear and swimsuit, children jigsaw toy, various kinds of articles for daily use

Specification choices of eFoam series:
Usage Specification Function choice of specification
Liner of knapsack leather goods
Suitcase liner
W , I Ordinary usage W03-W15: Offer hard support
W15-W40: Buffer function
WE , WEE , IE , IEE Offer soft sense of touch
WI, II , WPP , IPP Offer light and strong support
V-series , D-series Offer super soft function to substitute rubber foam
O-series Perfect shock absorption and soft characteristic, improved folding dent
Female underwear and swimsuit WE , WEE , IE , IEE Soft and next to the skin performance without allergy, hot forming W30-W40:
Children jigsaw toy
Gift box
Mouse pad
Nail buff
Various kinds of articles for daily use
W , I Ordinary usage Adjusted depending on the demand of factories and stores
WE , WEE , IE , IEE Offer soft sense of touch
V-series , D-series Super soft characteristics, offer non-slip function
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