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PE Foam

Sports goods, floating materials

Finished product

The eFoam of Mega Master Technology is the environmental-friendly product. The eFoam series products are cross-linked by electron beam (EB) radiation (without chemical corss-linker, such as DCP). These are closed-cell polyolefin foam products and can be supplied in rolls. Extremely low water absorption. Good weatherability and chemical resistance. Non-toxic, no odor or no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Meet Taiwan EPA Eco Label Class 1 and Class 2. Comply with European Union (EU) RoHS requirements.

Our PE foam has following characteristics: Extremely low water absorption (closed cell structure), good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, energy saving, cold resistance without brittle (low Tg), hydrolysis-resistant and suitable for extensive service temperature, UV and chemical resistance, double-layer fine surface, light weight, shock-absorbing and cushion, non-glue adhesion to various synthetic fibers.

Our PE foam can be used in: Various kinds of cushion material of sport gloves and protective equipment, march cushion, gymnastics floor, Yoga pad, game cushion, skiing equipment, water skiing board, life vest, various kinds of floating materials.

Specification choices of eFoam series
Usage Specification Function choice of specification
Horsemanship undershirt and Various kinds of protective equipment
W, I, T General purposes W03-W15: Hard support
W15-W40: Buffer function
WE, WEE, IE, IEE, TE, TEE Soft touch and good cushion
WM, IM, TM Strengthen the softness and thermal molding
WI, II Light and tough support
V-series, D-series Super softness to substitute rubber foam
O-series Extremely soft hand feel, super excellent cushion and shock absorption
Various kinds of cushion W, I, T General purposes W03-W15: Suitable for surface material, good wear resistance and compression set
W25-W40: Soft characteristics
WE, WEE, IE, IEE, TE, TEE Soft touch and good cushion
V-series Super comfortable support and more elastic
D-series Super soft series with anti-slippery function
O-series Perfect shock absorption and soft characteristic, improved folding dent
Ski gears and
Surfing board,
Life vest,
Various kinds of floating material
W, I, T General purposes W03-W12: Surface material
W15-W20: Bottom material or middle material
W25-W40: Soft, light and strengthen the buoyancy of product
WE, WEE, IE, IEE, TE, TEE Soft touch
WI, II , WPP, IPP Light and strong support
V-series Soft touch similar to rubber foam, light weight with improved floating ability
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