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PE Foam

Green building and heat insulating material

Finished product

The eFoam of Mega Master Technology is a new-generation long lasting green building and insulating material. Beyond protecting the environment, eFoam also offers superb acoustic insulation for comfortable living and excellent heat insulation for saving energy.

The eFoam series PE foam products are crosslinked by electron beam (EB) radiation (without chemical corss-linker, such as DCP). These are closed-cell polyolefin foam products and can be supplied in rolls. Extremely low water absorption. Good weatherability and chemical resistance. Non-toxic, no odor or no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Meet Taiwan EPA Eco Label Class 1 and Class 2. Comply with European Union (EU) RoHS requirements.

Our PE foam has following characteristics: Extremely low water absorption (closed cell structure), good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, energy saving, cold resistance without brittle (low Tg), hydrolysis-resistant suitable for extensive temperature, UV and chemical resistance, double fine surface, light weight, shock-absorbing and cushion, laminated layers.

Special function:
meets RoHS standard fire retarded material (UL94 HF-1), high-temperature service material (up to 120℃)

Our PE foam can be used in: Roof or wall insulating materials, covering air conditioner copper pipe, cold or hot water pipes, heat insulating steel coil, protective cushion pad in parking lots, children protective cushion, wooden floor pad, carpet liner and window sealing material.

Specification choices of eFoam series:
Usage Specification Function Choice of specification
Roof , Wall and coil steel insulating materials I, T General purposes W30: Thermo-conductivity is 0.0326 kcal/mh℃; it reduces to 29dB noise with 5mm foam product
W35-W40: Thermo-conductivity is 0.0326 kcal/mh℃
IE, TE Soft touch, improved corner covering
IR, IER, TR, TER Meets RoHS and UL94-HF1 standards
IK, IEK, TK, TEK Higher fire retarded levels (test pending)
V-series Good corner covering, also offer fire retarded function
O-series Sound absorption and insulation, heat reservation
Pipes covering of air conditioner, cold and hot water I, T, W Low thermo-conductivity W30-W40: Thermo-conductivity is 0.0326 kcal/mh℃
IR, WR Meets RoHS and UL94-HF1 standards
II , WI Service temperature up to 120℃
Crash-proof bar in parking lot
Cushion pads for children playground
I Good cushion, prevents children or vehicle from damaging On demand of customers
IE, IEE Good cushion, improved corner covering and back glue characteristics
V-series Excellent cushion, excellent corner covering and back glue characteristics
O-series The best shock absorption and cushion function
Wooden floor, carpet liner and sound insulating material I, W Effectively reduce the drum sound and the impact sound W10-W15: Good compression set, higher bearing weight, suitable for electrical heating wooden plate, thickness above 2mm ICC 58
W30-W35: Suitable compression set, thickness above 3mm ICC 59
IG, WG Superior compression set and improved back glue characteristics
IR, WR Meets RoHS and UL94-HF1 standards
IK, WK Higher fire retarded levels (test pending)
WP, IP Meets the requirements of softness and high service temperature
V-series Super soft and comfortable touch and good back glue characteristics
D-series Better anti-slippery than V-series
O-series With characteristics of softer than other series and being able to cover uneven surface, excellent shock absorption, sound absorption and insulation function
Building and window seals I, W General purposes W30-W40
O-series Extreme softness makes better window sealing function
Wallpaper WT Insulating wallpaper material in cold climate W05-W15
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