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PE Foam

Adhesive tape material

Finished product

Mega Master Technology uses special formula and advanced production technology to develop the substrate of adhesive tape. Due to this type of product has soft and fitting characteristics, it can be used to cover uneven surface. It has the characteristics which cannot be achieved by using the substrate of thin film and paper.

The eFoam series PE foam products are crosslinked by electron beam (EB) radiation (without chemical corss-linker, such as DCP). These are closed-cell polyolefin foam products and can be supplied in rolls. Extremely low water absorption or moisture penetration rate. Good weatherability and chemical resistance. Non-toxic, no odor or no volatile organic compounds (VOC). Meet Taiwan EPA Eco Label Class 1 and Class 2. Comply with European Union (EU) RoHS requirements.

Our PE foam has following characteristics: Extremely low water absorption, excellent heat insulation, cold resistance without brittle, long durability, suitable for extensive temperature, UV and chemical resistance, double fine surfaces, can be as thin as 0.5mm with 300%~500% of elongation. The evenness could be controlled within 5%.

Our PE foam can be used in: Adhesive tape, vehicle tape, medical foam pad, washer for electronic products, industrial double-layer foam tape, building insulation tape, wallpaper.

Specification choices of eFoam series:
Usage Specification Function Choice of specification
Adhesive tape
Vehicle tape
W, I General purposes W03-W05: High tensile strength, good compression set
W10-W20: Middle tensile strength, suitable compression set
W25-W35: Suitable for the washer, sealing, and thermal insulation
WE, IE, WEE, IEE Soft touch
WT Better back glue characteristics, elongation and tensile strength
WTE Better softness than WT
WTS Better tensile strength than WT
V-series Super soft touch and super excellent back glue characteristics, elongation, tensile strength, and fitness of surface
D-series Softer and better anti-slippery than V series
Medical tape washer W Stiff, used for surgical instrument electrical grounding pads W03-W05: Light thin product with high strength
W08-W15: Soft, good fitness, stay fit on human contours or rough surface
WEE, IEE Soft touch and improved back glue characteristics
WT, WTE, WTS Improved elongation and tensile strength, soft and fitness, used in Ostomy device, pads of electrocardiogram instrument, wound dressings
V-series Super soft fitting characteristics and elongation, used for special wound dressings
Washer for electronic products WT, WTE Light and thin, shock-absorbing, good fitting characteristics, cell-phone pads, screen washer of electronic product, control panel washer (for cover fixation, DVD front fixation, LCD sealing, touching screen sealing) W02-W05: Good compression set
W08-W15: Suitable compression set
Excellent fitting and soft characteristics, shock-absorbing and anti-slippery to substitute PU foam
O-series The best fitting and soft characteristic, and shock absorption function. Super resilience rate.
Industrial tape
Building tape
W, I General purposes, building partition wall tapes, glazing tapes W10-W20: Suitable compression set
W25-W35: Good thermal insulation
WE, IE, WEE, IEE Soft, better covering and fitting characteristics
Super soft, excellent covering and fitting characteristics
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