eFoam-W series

eFoam-W series are pe foam crosslinked by electron beam (EB) radiation (without chemical corss-linker). These are closed-cell polyolefin foam products and can be supplied in rolls.

PE foam specification range:

Foam Expansion ratio:

    Characteristics of the eFoam products

  1. Roll product with thickness 0.5~6.4mm (single layer), and up to 40mm (laminated layers)
  2. Crosslinked PE foam by electron beam (EB) radiation with excellent homogeneous properties
  3. The product presents the fine smooth surfaces with even and fine closed cell structure
  4. Wide process temperature (-80℃~110℃, even up to 140℃ for a special specification)
  5. Excellent thermal insulation material
  6. Excellent impact acoustic insulation
  7. Extremely low water absorption or moisture penetration rate
  8. Good weatherability
  9. Good chemical resistance
  10. Suitable for thermal and vacuum molding
  11. Non-toxic, no odor and no volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  12. Meet Taiwan EPA Eco Label 1st and 2nd Category.
  13. Comply with European Union (EU) RoHS requirements
  14. Clean foaming production process without CFCs, HCFCs, plasticizer, organic solvent and other flammable hydrocarbons
  15. Choices of various hardness of the products with multi-functional performances
  16. With flame-retarded grade product (WR, meets the requirements of UL 94 HF-1 & FMVSS302 )

Description of our crosslinked pe foam:

W.. General grade
WR. Flame retarded product, comply with the requirements of UL 94 HF-1 & FMVSS 302, and RoHS
WE. Soft touch
WEE Softer than WE grade
WT. Better elongation, tensile strength, and back glue than W..
WTE Softer than W..
WTS Better tensile strength than WT.
WQ. Washer applications with easy clean
W*. Electro-conductive product
WB. Anti-bacteria product
WUV UV resistant product
WM. Good thermal molding
WG.. Good compression set and thermal molding
WS. Improved vacuum thermal molding
WP. PP product with good vacuum thermal molding and dimensional stability
WI. Light, hard, excellent stiffness.
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